Certified Translation Services

MLTMS has experience providing notarized translation services and is qualified to notarize documents as well as translate and vouch for their accuracy.

Certified Translation

Translation denotes the involvement of a notary public in the creation of a document. A notary typically attests to the clear proof that a document was signed at a specific location and time. The production of a translation of academic records, diplomas, professional certificates, and other important documents issued in a foreign language are just a few examples of the many formalities that the notary public may be permitted by a given jurisdiction to witness and certify are in accordance with prescribed procedures.


Commonly Notarized Translated Documents

Legal Documents

Legal authorities frequently demand notarized translations as an additional method of verifying that a document produced in a foreign language is, in fact, fully and accurately translated. The contested documents include corporate contracts as well as important records like birth and marriage certificates. There are linguists with legal training on the MLTMS global team.

Financial Documents

Financial documents issued abroad frequently need to have their translations notarized in order to provide proof that the translation followed the local jurisdiction’s rules for such documents. Translations of tax returns, asset declarations, and other official and financial papers are some examples.

Personal documents

In certain jurisdictions, a notarized translation is accepted as valid proof that a document or event relating to a document was translated accurately. Medical records, sworn statements, birth, marriage, and death certificates, diplomas, transcripts, and professional certifications are just a few of the documents that may need to be notarized.