MLTMS,INC. was founded in 2003, and is an established international trusted service provider. Providing now over 87+ languages.

MLTMS,INC." Multi Lingual Translations and Mobility Services" is a professional organization that takes pride in its work, offers almost all languages and dialects spoken in the world, including Sign Language. Our in house as well as our national network of interpreters and translators.

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We translate all types of documents: birth certificates, death certificate, marriage licenses , divorces, adoptions. So pretty much all personal, legal, real estate, business contracts , agreements , bills of sale . All translations must be provided to us as originals and apostilled by the country of origin.
An apostle is a legal certification that makes a document from one country valid in another (provided that both are signatories to the 1961 Hague Convention abolishing the requirement for legalization for foreign public documents). The apostille has to be issued by the Department of State of the State where the document was originated. You can go to the Division od Corporations in your State, type Apostilles and you will find the Document Processing Dates page. For Florida you can go to : htpps://www.dos.myflorida.com/sunbiz/document-processing-dates/ To see what the date is DOS is processing your document.
Right now we are helping citizens that have roots that want to apply for Portuguese ,Spanish ,German, Italian, Croatian, and United States citizenship. We help our clients with all process from the beginning until the time our client can acquire their passport.
Yes our Company is registered as recognized and certified translator for the Ministry of Education and Major Colleges and Universities in Florida as well as North America. We do translate all types of school records and provide to the schools in a sealed envelope the equivalence of the grades from the country of origin.
We can help anyone that does not understand the legality of the paperwork filling out documents such as: divorce ,custody, guardianship ,child support. We are not an Attorney´s office, we do not provide legal advice, we cannot tell you any remedies, we only can help you filling up paperwork that is provided to us by you, or after explaining to us your needs, we will on your behalf acquire the same in order to fill them out for you.
We can provide up to 2500 words per day in a translation if the document provided is in good condition if there is a rush there will be a rush fee otherwise a regular legal page will be ready in a matter of 24 hours if there is a civil case such as a divorce the same can be ready to sign and notarize in a week's time.
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    With her Masters, two Bachelor and several Vocational Degrees, our CEO is
    Licensed as:
    • Federal Language Consultant,
    • Criminal Justice,
    • Paralegal
    • Immigration Consultant
    • Certified Health Care Interpreter,
    • Certified Translation Professional

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