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    Avelina Hidalgo-Gato y Salomon de Mello
    (Thursday, February 11 16 11:35 am EST)
    I was referred to MLTMS, INC to have documents translated into Portuguese in order to have them certified by the Portuguese Embassy. I am a US Citizen but was born in Cub. I left in 1962 at the age
    of 4, my daughter is 37 a natural born American Citizen. We where granted Portuguese Citizenship as ancestors of Sephardic Jews who fled during the inquisition. My case became very unique because of
    my birth in Cuba and the political circumstances on the Island during the last 57 years. I was required by the Portuguese government to produce serval documents that where impossible for me to obtain
    since my family fled as “political refugees”. Rosa Maria Victoria (MLTMA, INC) went over and beyond the level of just a translation of documents, she called Washington DC for me, she reached out to
    her contact at the Portuguese Embassy and the representatives. Between then and my attorneys on Porto I was able to find a solution that GOD WILLING will be satisfactory to the Portuguese Government
    in Portugal.

    I started a journey to discover my ancestors in December 2014 after the death of my mother who had always told me that I was a Jew and where I came from, I felt I owed her this. This journey was
    sadder than I ever imagined. It journey made me realize how very much my family had suffered in the name of our faith, something I never knew in such detail… My family traveled as nomads for over
    400 years from Portugal, to Turkey, to Syria, to Cuba and finally to the USA and now I will bring the last of my blood line full circle back to Portugal. All that is left of my family is my daughter,
    granddaughter and myself what was once a very big family, has diminished to 3….. Thank you Rosa for helping me find solutions in getting us back where we belong. I have done this in memory of my
    Mother, but in the joy of knowing that my granddaughter and her children will now be in the Country they where meant to be and not traveling the world as refugees or immigrants….Obrigado !

    Traci Almash
    (Saturday, February 06 16 04:34 pm EST)
    Making the decision to move abroad is enough of a challenge!!!! BUT….you have made the decision, now comes all the international bureaucracy,this is the most overwhelming hurdle…Until I became
    involved with M.L.M.T.S. and Ms. Rosa Maria Vittoria, I was completely confused. Ms. Vittoria not only provided a completely efficient, competent and timely service, but took a personal interest in
    my major life changing decision!!!!! She took what was an abyss of stress, and made it into a experience of pleasure…. Ms. Vittoria is not just a business….she is a personal business adviser!!!!!
    Even now that I have settled into a new life, M.L.M.T.S. continues to provide services to meet my needs as an Expat!!!

    Traci Almash
    (Wednesday, January 27 16 04:33 pm EST)
    Deciding to live abroad was a hard enough decision…..but then all the immigration laws were more overwhelming…..Thankfully M.L.M.T.S. is fully equipped, competent, expedient and efficient to
    completely fill all the necessary requirements for relocation…More than that, there was never a moment that Ms. Vitoria did not personally answer all my questions, was constantly available and
    above all patient…She made an extra dinar effort to alleviate all my fears and from beginning to end added a personal touch to the process..Now that I have relocated, she continues to meet the
    challenge of residency in a foreign country and does it all with a comforting secure base and trust. I would never have navigated the waters of Government Bureaucracy without her….She has been
    priceless in my decision and has made a real affect on my life.Thank you is not enough for her service!!!!

    Traci Almash
    (Tuesday, January 19 16 09:22 am EST)
    You have made the decision to move abroad..Picked the country, explored the culture!!! That was the easy part, now comes the paperwork…Don’t waste your time with the research go directly to MLTMS.
    Ms.Vittoria made a mind boggling experience into a worry free transition. Her personal involvement made it a personal experience with constant reassurances of success. Now that I have relocated, she
    is still available to assist me with issues that I would not be able to manage abroad…I highly recommend MLTMS. to anyone that is considering moving…let the experts do the work….you do the

    Karen Warr- Books-n-Billing
    (Thursday, September 05 13 04:38 pm EDT)
    Multi-Lingual Translations works tirelessly for their clients. They understand that when English is not your first language that you need more help than anyone in order to get what you need, or even
    the care that you require. If there is something that you need to find or do but language is a barrier then Multi-Lingual Translations is the place to call. Multi-Lingual Translations is very fast,
    and if they say it will be done, you can trust that it will be and very quickly.”

    Flo Logan Worsham
    (Wednesday, June 05 13 12:55 pm EDT)
    is my first comment for this establishment.
    Hello, my name is Flo Logan Worsham and I am the owner of Let The Blessing Flow (www.lettheblessingflow.org). I frequently edit manuscript for many authors. RosaMaria assisted me with numerous files
    for many books for Archbishop Leland McClanahan (who is a devout author in the Brevard County area).
    If it wasn’t for MLTMS, Inc., I don’t know how I would have been able to edit the many manuscripts making ready for the publishers. Thank you so much MLTMS for a professional job well done!

    (Tuesday, October 23 12 08:06 pm EDT)
    Meu nome e Richard. Eu moro em Massachusetts. Demorei muito a entender que deveria buscar um profissional de sucesso para resolver tudo aquilo que para mim tomaria tempo e muito stress.Rosa Maria
    Vitoria uma profissional de um caráter invejável e conseguiu fazer eu viajar até a florida para cuidar de todos os meu negócios.

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