Services for remote and on-site interpretation to give your company access to immediate knowledge when interacting across multiple languages.

Professional Interpretation Services

With over years of expertise offering professional language interpretation services, MLTMS is a certified interpretation agency that can accommodate a wide range of project requirements and a long list of destinations throughout the world.

We take pride in the calibre of our interpretation services and only hire qualified interpreters with relevant industry experience, whether a medical interpreter is on hand to assist at a doctor's appointment or a business interpreter is present at an international trade show.


Our selection of interpreting services can be divided into three groups. While telephone interpretation and video interpreting provide remote services for international meetings and conference calls, face-to-face interpretation entails interpreters attending your event in person.

Interpretation Services

Depending on the particulars of your meeting and the available funds, all three are valuable in different ways. We can advise you on which of our interpreting services would best meet your needs if you only let us know what you need our interpreting services for.

Remote Video Interpretation- Our skilled and certified interpreters can be brought to you in a convenient and affordable manner with our Remote Video Interpreting service. Video interpretation is one of the most adaptable and practical methods to offer high-quality translations in real-time, as it doesn’t require any travel plans and has interpreters ready at short notice. We can accommodate any size event, providing a big number of interpreters to cover multilingual virtual gatherings of all sizes or lone interpreters to support conversations or small group discussions in different languages.

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Phone Interpretation- Due to its ease of use and affordability, interpretation over the phone is one of the most practical options available to organisations. Through telephone interpreting, people can quickly communicate in multiple languages. If an interpreter is unable to physically attend your meeting or conference, a telephone interpreter is a crucial service. Similarly, a phone interpreter can help maintain anonymity if needed and is helpful in an emergency or unforeseen event where interpretation is required.

Consecutive Interpretation- Both in-person and remote consecutive interpreting services are provided by MLTMS. For smaller groups of people, consecutive interpreters are available in person, through video, or over the phone. While it takes longer than other translation methods, consecutive interpreting offers a higher level of accuracy. A sequential interpreter would listen closely while a speaker is speaking and will transmit their translations to an audience during the pauses between phrases rather than talking along with them as in simultaneous interpretation.


Police Interpreting- It’s critical that everyone involved understands what is being said when the police speak with suspects, victims, witnesses, or specialists. Finding out fresh information from an interviewee is the goal of a police interview. The ability of the investigator to communicate with the subject and understand their responses is crucial to the procedure’ effectiveness. An interpreter must be present to accurately translate and communicate the information given if the interviewee cannot speak the same language as the investigator.

Court Interpreting- Court interpreters provide assistance to persons who are unable to communicate in a court’s official language by translating what is said to them and communicating to the judge any testimony they provide as a witness, a victim, or an accused person. Without it, persons who are present in court would be unable to comprehend what is going on or accurately provide testimony, which might gravely jeopardise the fairness of a trial. Linguists must have prior understanding of the terminology and language used in litigation, court hearings, depositions, and criminal investigations because translation and interpretation services for courts are frequently highly complicated. Along with speaking the languages they are interpreting in flawlessly, they also possess this. Only skilled and experienced linguists are employed by MLTMS.

NHS Interpreting- The NHS is burdened with the requirement to cut costs while preserving the quality of services since public sector budgets are under danger and funding is declining in real terms. Because there are more patients in the UK who don’t speak English, our medical interpreters frequently collaborate with the NHS to offer high-quality, reasonably priced interpretation services. In all major languages, we can offer medical interpreters for doctor’s appointments, hospitals, or home visits. We work hard to ensure that all of our quality criteria are satisfied and have a sizable network of fully qualified interpreters that have been trained to interpret for the NHS.

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