MLTMS is dedicated to upholding client privacy and seriously considers its obligation to ensure the protection of client data. We will always be upfront and honest about the data we are gathering and what we plan to do with it.

What personal information about you we obtain and use as a result of your client relationship with us and through your usage of our website and online services;

• Where we get the data from,
• what we do with it,
• how we store it,
• who we give it to and why,
• who we transfer it to,
• who we reveal it to;
• How we handle your rights to data protection;
• Additionally, how we adhere to the data protection laws.

data policy

What Personal Data We Collect

Personal data is any information about you that enables us to recognize you. Examples include your name, contact information, project reference number, payment information, and facts about how you accessed our website.

When you work with us to plan a project (directly or indirectly through one of our reliable partners), use our website or one of the other websites we link to, or get in touch with us, we may collect personal information from you.

We may specifically gather the information in the following categories:
1. Name, job title, firm name, address, registration numbers, e-mail, phone number, credit/debit card information, or other payment information;
2. Information regarding your purchases of goods and services from our reliable partners;
3. Information pertaining to how you used our website;
4. The correspondence you send to or receive from us via letters, emails, chat services, phone conversations, and social media.

Any such information will only be processed by us if you have expressly authorized it, if it is required, or if you have knowingly made it public.

Security of your personal data

When storing and disclosing your personal information, we adhere to stringent security standards. The SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol is used to protect the data you provide us. Personal data and credit card numbers can be safely exchanged over the Internet using SSL, the industry-standard method of encryption.

All payment information is maintained following Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards and sent over SSL through a dedicated network infrastructure using MPLS (PCI DSS).

For the purposes outlined in this privacy statement, we may disclose your information to trustworthy third parties. We demand that all third parties protect your personal data with the necessary technological and operational security measures.

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