We help our clients fill out and prepare documents when language becomes a barrier. File a PRO SE (in one's behalf), to file necessary petitions, etc. in a court of competent jurisdiction. All documents prepared by MLTMS, INC. are based upon information received from you in writting.

Non Lawyer Disclosure:


MLTMS,INC., does not make any representation what so ever of being an Attorney who is in good standing of The Florida Bar and therefore will not:

- Give Legal Advice:

- Inform anyone of their Legal Rights or what their Remedies are;

- Provide Representation in Court;

-or Inform anyone how to Testify in Court.


Personal Information and Commitment:




We will not willfully or knowingly disclose or make available

(1) personally identifiable information about our clients;

(2) information about any of our business relationships with our customers, clients, or anyone else to any third parties without first receiving permission.


Exceptions to this statement are:

1) When we believe in good faith that the law requires us to reveal such information or it is necessary to reveal such information in order to protect our rights or property;

2) When we expressly tell you in a Statement, an Agreement or at the time we collect the information that we will reveal such information to third parties.